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"bglllbw, vvvvt! shgee!"

The aliens have landed
They've come from outer space
No one would hang out with them
So I let 10 crash at my place

They are pretty cute
& very intelligent too
Though it's quite disconcerting
That all their skin is blue

I went to shake GRSMTSZ hand
but it didn't work that well
A bunch of snaky things flew at me
So I stumbled back & fell

GRSMTSZ said, "bglllbw, vvvvt! shgee!"
But, I didn't know what he meant
Pretty soon, I heard "So Sorry Babe!"
which he telepathically sent

I laughed he sighed
They left I cried
Now I'm lonely again
A hallucinating jen?
Posted by jin at 12:17 AM
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