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Something You Really Don't Want To Hear Upon Regaining Consciousness

Why can't I feel my exoskeleton?

Flaming chainsaw jugglers are a threat to society.

Posted by Gyrobo at 11:44 PM

Introductions and explanations

It is with great pleasure and dubious honour that I, Rich of Get Films, have joined the Super Cool United Blog Alliance.

I do however foresee a minor problem. (I'm 'intuitive' like that) I don't have an Avatar for use in the many posts that revolve around the members of SCUBA.

Why? Well, it's a long story which started the day I sold my body to science for a third of a pack of Cigarettes. Hence starting a tale so bizarre and twisted I dare not tell it. But I can say that after a decade of searching for some way to enjoy my smokes, it wasn't well thought out, I happened upon a timeshare arrangement on a pair of lungs with a homeless circus baboon. Now Turquoise, for that's his name... his show name, may be a surly disillusioned drunk who beats my disembodied soul with a consecrated juggling pin for no more reason that he's long past the heady days when he would sell Penny-bags of peanuts to the crowds, put his head within the lions mouth or scare young children with his overly-red behind but he's the only tobacco addicted beast under heaven with a detachable chest cavity and the ability to use a lighter. Well, except for that marmoset in Surry but we didn't really get along too well after I drank the last Diet Coke in his fridge.

So. For the sake of SCUBA please feel free to depict me using the only visage I have, Turquoise.

Posted by G3T Films at 7:59 PM

Is Your Left Arm Numb?

This happens all the time.

Don't let THIS happen to YOU! Join SCUBA today, and lose your vital organs the SCUBA way!

Posted by Gyrobo at 10:05 PM

Cutchie Cutchie Coo

Posted by jin at 5:36 PM

Public Service Announcement -- Always Wear Goggles

You should all take note of this.

I think we all learned something here today.

Go on, play the game! It's fun!

Posted by Gyrobo at 9:16 PM

"Conspiritors or something"

(Click to enlarge)

Who drew what?
Posted by Bathroom Hippo at 9:10 PM

very jinteresting

Posted by jin at 6:22 AM

I Hate Superman

Superman Hates Me

And Superman Hates Me.

Posted by Gyrobo at 7:23 PM