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Posted by Bathroom Hippo at 5:46 PM

Somewhere deep within VELT,

is a coder who is cool and svelte,

he is at peace but all on his own,

so tickle him with your mouse,

and with his laughter espouse,

so he knows he's not alone in his Zone.

Rub my belly!

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Posted by G3T Films at 9:02 PM

Prime Time Velt

This is the actual philosophy behind IE7's design.

For the last month, I’ve been coding up a storm. Instead of visiting your blogs, I’ve been writing a web page for you, and for future generations; something that would make Encryptor and Shrubquote look and feel like kidney stones. And I think I’ve done that, with Roboshrub Incorporated’s newest kidney-punchin’, rip-snorin’ webgramatic product: Project Velt.

“Now just what is Project Velt?” you ask.

“Fool!” I bellow, shoving you roughly. “Project Velt doesn’t like being referred to in the third person!”

“But... you...”

Lightly laughing at your sputtering stutters, I wearily wave my hands and a handful of livid links stand steady, ready to handily hand you an ambiguously ascribed answer:

Project Velt for Opera
Project Velt for Firefox & Internet Explorer

With Project Velt, you can create, edit, save, load, and delete slideshows. Yes, slideshows. And when you feel like it, you can export them to your browser so you can loose the poisonous fruits of your labors to the world.

Exported slideshows use the following key controls:
Home: Go to first slide.
End: Go to last slide.
Left Arrow: Go back one slide.
Right Arrow: Go forward one slide.
Enter: Go forward one slide.

Note to Internet Explorer users:
  • When inserting an image, you need to select something first.
  • You need to click before using the key controls in exported slideshows.
  • You cannot import slideshows.
  • You cannot use the built-in slide background images.
  • You cannot use text highlighting.
The Opera version is identical to the Firefox/IE one, except it has been packaged as a widget.
Posted by Gyrobo at 8:04 PM

Master Kyle

(A day in the life)
Posted by Bathroom Hippo at 3:00 AM

The One Question I Would Ask God

And I would follow up with a joke about how many iguanas it takes to change a light bulb.

It's confuddled philosophers and biologists for ages.

Posted by Gyrobo at 9:15 PM

Who wants Dessert?!

On the menu today:
we have a very very rich white chocolate mousse.

Posted by jin at 9:56 AM