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Steaks From A Plane!

Michelle turned the radio up full blast; Beethoven's 6th Symphony was still in the first Allegro, and just hearing that sweet, beautiful music reminded her of that most adorned of films, Soylent Green. She had several copies of Green on both video and DVD, but hearing the raw, impassioned cacophony always brought a fresh pit to her heart. The road ahead of her was clear, far as the lame eye could see... roadkill littered the pavement like fat kids in candy stores, but that was about it. She turned her attention back to the visor, when a large banging noise shook the car and sent shards of glass and metal streaming every which way- mayhem! Fumes popped the air conditioner out of its socket, sending dark billowy clouds through the unfortunate auto. The car veered sideways, running over an embankment and into a pile of nuclear refuse. Choking as the steam cleared, Michelle wiped the fear from her brow and sure as the day is long, right next to her, riding shotgun, lay... a steak.

Posted by Gyrobo at 12:17 AM
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